Software is what we do

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We use the AppGreenhouse Platform which gives you

- 50% faster time to market*
- 50% lower costs*

... and you get all source code with no lock-in!

Also need help designing your application?

Leverage our decades of experience and let us help you!

How we build Projects

*All AppGreenhouse projects start with a scaffold which provides:
basic navigation, user login and sign-up, and standard emails to users.

Main Implementation

  • We combine basic components from our AppGreenhouse plattform (much like Lego)
  • We develop the components which make your App special
  • We configure the application’s API using our platform

Hardening & Styling

  • We set up GDPR compliance
  • We optimize of usability & Performance
  • We finalize styling
  • We fine-tune texts in English, and do localization if necessary
  • We set up Email texts

Testing & Deployment

  • We test extensively
  • We fine-tune the whole application
  • We setup the final infrastructure and deploy the application to it
Deep product specification expertise and much faster time-to-market for smaller budget - this is the holy grail.
Kevin Dykes
CEO of

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Software Platform

AppGreenhouse is a low-code Platform  that allows us to build applications up to at least 50% faster and cheaper.

Low-code allows developers to use a library of components and then configure them individually according to their requirements.

This allows us to implement your project much faster and cheaper without losing its uniqueness.

CSS3 und HTML5 in AppGreenhouse

our Technologies

CSS3 und HTML5 in AppGreenhouse

*The AppGreenhouse team has worked together for almost 10 years. With our AppGreenhouse Plattform we find that we are able to deliver projects at least 50% faster and therefore cheaper than with conventional coding practices. We pass on all our savings to our customers.