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5 reasons why AppGreenhouse is the perfect low-code platform for developers

Low code platforms are the topic of the last 5 years in software development. But little or nothing has changed in the sales arguments over the years. Until now. Here you can find out why AppGreenhouse will change the low code market and shows everyone that low code should be more than just development.

What developers struggle with today

Low-code is a topic that has been present in professional circles for almost 5 years now. There are two simple reasons why low-code platforms are so popular with companies today:

1. Low-code speeds up the development process!

It is proven: By using configurable components the time-to-market can be reduced significantly. Every platform, but really every platform is doing this.
It makes sense because it is one of the two biggest selling points of low-code. Who wants to drive a 10-year-old Opel on the motorway when you can also drive a new Porsche. You don’t need cruise control, you want to kick the car to reach your destination as quickly as possible.
Low-code promises: Reach your destination at high speed, safely and with full control. (Whether all Porsche drivers are capable to do this is open for debate)

2. With a low-code platform, a business developer is NOT enough!

The second big argument, what many platforms bring:

You do not need an overpaid slow developer anymore! Every department can now build what they need themselves.

Do you have a new business idea for your new startup?

Build it yourself!

Don’t look for a CTO, you don’t need him. You can do it yourself!

A dream for everyone – except the developers.

All low-code platforms are so flexible that you don’t need a developer anymore because you can set everything in the editor.
Child’s play!

Create everything with drag and drop!

Link databases with a few mouse clicks!
Deploy your app anywhere!

Dream and reality can be so far apart from each other..

Why entrepreneurs dream

Let’s face it: the infrastructure chaos is pre-programmed!
Serious question:
You’re a Formula One racing team.
The car has got a huge technical update with ABS, ASR and everything else. The driver really only has to steer and accelerate. Would you put Steven from the engineering department in the car, who is much cheaper than a racing driver, just because there are all these assistance systems?

He won’t survive one lap and still have a competitive time.
Sure, if he literally pushes the car he will finish sometime, but I’m not going to change my driver, who hasn’t done anything else for 20 years, for one of those. He may know that the car works, but that doesn’t mean that he can drive it.

Why developers should hope

Everything that low-code offers in terms of possibilities is stunning, no question. It is a revolution for IT development and will accompany us for a long time.
BUT only if we continue to let people work with it who are familiar with the subject and not Steven from the engineering department.

Developers know what they are doing, at least most of the time. They get paid for it because they are good at it and with the tools of low-code, they will be faster.

Low code and AppGreenhouse – why it fits

AppGreenhouse has developed a low-code platform that is specially tailored to the needs of developers. Here are 5 reasons that together make this platform better than any other on the market:

No. 1: Speed

As I said, every platform advertises it – so do we. But what is much more interesting is the speed we are talking about. AppGreenhouse not only makes it possible to program applications faster, but also to plan and test them much faster, so that the time to launch is really reduced and not only the saved development time is filled up by other processes.

No. 2: Agile development

The Agile Model has become the dominant model in development. With its 12 principles, it helps to achieve a much higher focus on the core objectives of the project. The customer is at the center of every agile project. Everything that is developed, the customer has to use in the end, so he has to like it.

As good as agile development sounds and is, in some situations it is simply difficult to add another feature because it shifts the whole schedule. But that’s what it’s all about. Keeping the schedule is not the measure of success. The development status of the software is the yardstick.
With AppGreenhouse, entire development teams can continue to develop, communicate, and incorporate customizations, new features, and wireframes directly into the next sprint in an agile manner within the platform.

“Low-code is a revolution for IT development and will accompany us for a long time”

No. 3: Transparency

Transparency is an important issue for every project. During the development of the platform, AppGreenhouse attached great importance to the fact that the status of the software is always transparently visible and that all stakeholders are always up to date. In combination with the agile approach of the platform, the development can be optimally controlled. Agencies in particular must be able to present the status of the software transparently to their clients. AppGreenhouse’s many years of experience in this business field is the basis for the entire development process that this platform makes possible.

No. 4: Marketplace integrated into the platform

There are already marketplaces that are linked to a low-code platform. However, AppGreenhouse offers a marketplace that is integrated into the platform and supports every step of the development. Thus, if required, important components can be quickly purchased directly in the editor or orders can be written for external developers. The platform supports the user in writing requirements to ensure the quality of the application.

No. 5: The full development process

The development process stretches much further than just developing the application. Starting with the simple planning of the project, over the wireframes, the UX design up to the deployment, monitoring and maintenance. AppGreenhouse covers the entire process and enables the realization of projects within a platform without restricting the user by lock-ins.

AppGreenhouse – The low-code Platform for developers

Low code has been a blessing for development. There is a danger, however, that companies misunderstand this blessing and make unwise personnel policy decisions by replacing their specialists with generalists. In the short term this seems to be very attractive, but the potential cost savings should not be preferred to the potential for increased effectiveness.

After all, effectiveness is how you earn money in the long run.

Firing people in key positions only improves the balance sheet in the short term.

The AppGreenhouse low code framework has been developed for these key positions. Developers are the experts in the IT industry.

They are the racing drivers.

Without them we can push the car.

So let’s put them behind the wheel to achieve our goals.

AppGreenhouse makes it possible, and sustainably so.

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What is AppGreenhouse?

AppGreenhouse is a low-code platform that has integrated the entire development process. Built for developers by developers.

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AppGreenhouse can build your web application far quicker and cheaper than a traditional development team.

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