The complete development process in one tool but not from one tool

Don’t throw away good working processes, keep them, and optimize the overall project development process.

What matters is quality in your everyday work

Component Library

Suit yourself with a library from over 100 different components. Not enough? Add any open-source Angular component there is. Still not enough? Build your own components and publish them in the AppGreenhouse library, get them certified by our team and earn a cashback on your license.

Integration of process tools

Let’s be honest: There are like 100 different low-code or no-code platforms on the market. So what makes us special? It is easy: We are more than just a low-code platform. Think about it. Developing is not just about building an app. The process contains far more things, like writing down requirements, reporting, estimating, making mockups, and so on. To do this you use different other tools that are developed to meet your needs. There is no reason why you should stop using them. Therefore we decided to integrate all the process tools you already use into our platform. Don’t give up the processes you’ve built-up, add on to them, instead!

Community within the software

Need help with anything and nobody in your team knows the answer? No worries, we got you covered! Just add a remark in your code and ask the AppGreenhouse community for help. Choose how much of the code you want to show them and get help as quickly as possible. You can also search through the forum to get tips and tricks for your projects and processes. We are building a family. And family means helping each other out.

Free of choice Infrastructure

Here is another big topic in the low-code no-code industry. Who is hosting? Am I locked in by using your platform? You choose who is hosting your app. If you want we can take care of that, but you are totally free to change that whenever you want. We see ourselves as a complete tool that helps you to develop something, not as a prison that limits you to the space we give you.

Business Integrations

Having many components can be great but most of the time your app will not do anything without for example integrating a payment provider. There various other business integrations you may need to make your app fit exactly your needs. Implement any of the common business integrations easily into your system and stop using b-solutions.

Prebuilt templates

You know what you want but you don’t have time to build it? Relax, have a look in our prebuilt Template library. Choose a template and configure it to your needs. Save time, effort and profit from other ideas that can help you to evolve your idea further.

Outsource Projects

Having big projects with tight deadlines can be very stressful. Only using a low-code platform won’t cut it. Of course, deadlines will be adjusted because everybody knows you are quicker with using a low-code platform. Limited time and in-house resources can give you a hard time. It has not to be that way. Easily outsource tasks from your projects to our community and start waiting for your deadlines instead of running after them

Project permissions

Structuring your project and allocating your manpower is key for a successful project. You do not want everybody to see the full project or you are working with a bunch of freelancers that develop just part of your project? Giving out permissions for workspaces and tasks helps you to keep your project safe and everybody focused on their tasks and work.

Export and Implementation

You started a project outside of AppGreenhouse and want to continue within our platform? No problem. You can easily import your code and continue working on your project with just a few steps. The same counts for the other way around. Export your code whenever you want to and continue working outside of our framework. We think locking you in does only limit you in your way of working.

Tech stacks that matter

There are several tech stacks that are used in today’s time. We decided to go with the one the big players use. Angular and Golang give our developers the freedom to build just any progressive web app there is. Big players like Google or Microsoft show us every day how it is done. Some may say these are outdated languages, but still, they are developed by the best for the best and offer you to build exactly anything you want. That’s freedom at it’s finest.w

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