Ever thought about building something everybody needs and then take it one step further than anyone else?

Ever thought about why everyone is hyping low-code? Well it is obvious, it makes programming a lot easier and quicker. Low-code became a thing and every C-level manager wanted to have it to finally reduce costs for a department that only costs and brings no revenue to the table. Besides, why even have an IT-department if my business developer now can build the same app in the same amount of time? 

If you are a developer building such a platform seems great until you realize that you might be the group that just invented the tool that might replace you in the future – not so great right? Well the real big companies might not just throw you out. They have so many things to do that you will just be relieved that those small things like building a simple CRM now can be taken over by that business developer from sales. But how about smaller companies? The decision between three $80k developers or one $100k business developer can be very tempting. It will turn out to be a very dumb move in the long run but who cares if you can save $140k in one year? 

Here is the thing: We see that the market for low-code platforms is drowning in competition all claiming they are THE ONE platform that solves your company’s IT problem. But really they just make you allocate your IT from the ones that really have learned to build Apps to some people that believe drag and drop does it all. Well we hate to say it but it does not. You have read until here and might wonder what we are talking about? We are sitting here mocking all other low-code platforms for trying to take away jobs from developers, when we also call ourselves a low code platform. Well here is the thing: Yes we are a low-code platform, but no we are not built for everyone. Why build a tool that helps non developers to build an app 10 times faster than a developer, when you can build the same tool and adjust it to the needs of a developer. Guess what he will be 10 times faster than the dude from sales because he knows what he is doing, already the first time. Let’s not give people with limited knowledge something to play with. Let’s give the ones that work with code everyday a tool that makes the more efficient and powerful. That’s what long term decisions look like. 

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